Sunday, February 21, 2010

I hate running

I really do. Yesterday was the first time I had to run for time... since 10th grade? Wow, it really has been that long. No, I'm not out of shape (at all). I recently joined CrossFit Charlottesville, which is a group of athletes determined to become as fit as they can be. However, currently, I'm stuck in the beginner's section, the On Ramp Class. They introduce the movements to us three times a week, and after four weeks, we're allowed to join in the regular classes. So far they haven't been terribly difficult. I've gotten through all of the workouts in less than 6:00.

Yesterday, they decided to add running to the movements that we had learned that day (lunges and jumping pullups). It wasn't that long, 3x200m. However, this was a workout that I suspected I would be beaten handily by at least one person. Especially when one girl is wearing a shirt that says "Runner."

Anyway, they start the clock off, and I'm not on the front line. I jog most of the way, touch the marker, run back, and start my lunges. The three coaches are cheering all of us on just in general. I get done with my jumping pullups right after the runner girl and head back out, but way behind her.

Feeling pretty good, I keep my pace on the way back, and I see one of the trainers outside watching us run towards him; he yells, "Don't let him catch you!"

Then I realize that he's making it a race, and he's choosing her side. I've definitely seen it before. I nearly pass her on lunges (let her have the inside track on the turn) and, once again, finish my pull ups right after her. On the run out, she's still a good 20 feet ahead of me. However, I get the marker right as she does. Fortunately, I still have plenty of energy left, so I continue at a pace slightly higher than the one I just ran at.

Now the other trainers are watching, and the other two have taken my side. I slowly take the turn in, brush my feet off. The runner zips in from the other door and starts lunging beside me. I once again give her the inside track, because I know that I can out-lunge her.

We're done with lunges at the same time, and head towards our last set of jumping pull ups. I crank them out faster than I have that day (mainly because she got a fraction of a second head start on me) and finish marginally faster than she did.

Don't worry, I gave her a high five afterwards.

This is why I wanted to CrossFit.