Sunday, July 26, 2009

C'ville Tales


I have a few stories since my last blog entry about my wonderful city: Charlottesville:

Thursday, I had sort of a lazy day and didn't really get up and do anything before class. As I was walking to class, I was doing my usual "try to step only once" in any square along the sidewalk. However, if you've ever noticed, sidewalk squares are quite long, so I had to step on that small curved piece that's slightly wider than my foot. As I was walking to class later than normal, it was more in line with when all of the other students were trying to get to classes as well. Anyway, I'm walking down the road, and I see quite a beautiful, normal looking girl. Though not directly looking at me, she acknowledges my presence by slowly lifting her eyes. As she goes out of view, I take another step and my foot misses the edge of the sidewalk. I stumble into the street. I continued walking and had to stop myself from laughing, as there was a man right behind her that saw everything.

Yesterday, I was sitting in a chair on the Downtown Mall just minding my own business. Although I was there to read, I kept on getting distracted because parents and their children were constantly around (as I was by the big, empty fountain that attracts children). Anyway, two women who looked like sisters were sitting on a pair of chairs. Two girls about 8 years old were with them. Their hair was similar, even the way they were dressed. They weren't quite twins, but they were definitely related. One of them had shoulder length straight hair, and the other had hair that curled as soon as it got past her neckline. One had on a white blouse and a white skirt, while the other had a white blouse and a tan skirt. For a while, they just ran around the fountain, trying to catch birds. I tried not to watch too intently, because both of their mothers were sitting 10 feet away. Anyway, as they rounded the corner of the fountain nearest me, the curly haired one turned quickly around, looking towards me, lots of loose hair moving wildly as she jumped in the air and the wind followed her. I've rarely seen something so beautiful. I'm beginning to suspect that sun dresses were made for small girls, and that any girl past puberty is just trying to reconnect with the time when she was beautiful and didn't know it.