Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Inability to concentrate

Today, I had an interesting journey. In the morning, I made my way towards Memorial gym. After getting a surprise ride from Winn, I started working out (after figuring out where everything was). About half way through finishing the number of sets I wanted to do on bench press, I heard a deep bass sound coming from... well, everywhere. I sat back down on the bench, and tried to listen closer, to see if it was an oncoming train. Well, the sound wasn't going away, and nobody else had turned strangely towards the music or the speakers to see what the matter was, so I thought it was normal. I tried to shake it off, but it was just so encircling.

I laid down to start my set, deciding to do five instead of eight as I had done on the last set. That way, I didn't have to try to get the attention of another so they could spot me. I pushed the bar up, let it come down on my chest, pushed up normally, and the bar didn't go anywhere. I push harder, HARDER and got it up. Whew, okay.  Perhaps I wasn't physically prepared for that.

Put body at physical readiness.

Lower the bar.

Push at a steady rate.



I barely rack the weight. The sound is still overhanging and filling my thoughts. I finish my workout, but am unable to be as mentally aware as before. I can see where everything is, but I still have to think about what I'm doing and what I'm going to do next.

The rest of my workout was without event. As I walk upstairs, I notice that there is a wrestling camp in the main gym. They're all playing a timed Dodgeball game. I stare at the game, not particularly interested, but still unable to hear normally. I watch until a coach blows a whistle, and the boys stop playing. A coach at least twice as wide as I am rotates towards me and nearly, simply stares at me (which of the two is uncertain). I notice this peripherally and turn to leave.

Later on today, my right contacft started to get fuzzy. I could read on my Kindle quite well, but anywhere I looked was hard to focus on, even mentally, because everything was unfamiliar and fuzzy. I could fixate on things, and move towards them, but I found it impossible to window shop. I was either walking towards something or walking aimlessly.

Once I got on the bus, I started to think about the difficulties I'd had. I realized that I find this new city debilitating in a sense. I'm in sensory overload right now, and it isn't going down. For some reason, my senses have decided to take advantage of the situation and screw with me to make it even worse. Maybe a quick nap will help.