Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Now is not the time


Now is not the time.
You've given me cold silence.
Only now you respond.

"This will patch things, right?"
Over half of a year gone.
You and I have changed.

Re-establish lines.
Just the click of a button.
That's all you give me.

You're ready to talk.
You've found yet another boy.
Another someone.

This is what that's like:
Flaunting, Sorrow mongering,
Spiteful, Far too late.

You've atrophied all.
Do not act like all is fine
Oh, Great Destroyer.

Lies were always there.
Many things said without thought.
Couldn't face the truth.

Now is not the time.
There's not a good way to say:
"Just go the hell away."